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Bionix Breathable Medical Wrist Support Brace R/L Hand

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SUPPORT FOR WEAK WRISTS - Provides stability to injured and weak wrists, Carpal Tunnel, Splint preventing excessive and unnecessary pain. The support works by compressing the area, ensuring the bones and muscles all stay in position during everyday activities

LEFT / RIGHT HAND - The brace comes with a metal insert that tucks into a pocket. Intended to sit underneath the wrist. The strap then wraps around the wrist for a tight, comfortable fit on arms of all shapes and Small to Large sizes.

HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN - We use the toughest, most-durable materials we can find to ensure your wrist is supported for as long as necessary. The brace is breathable, so that sweat doesn't start to build up underneath, while also helping to regulate the temperature of the area for a speedy recovery.

INJURY RELIEF - Use this wrist support to ease ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, Splint, arthritis, tendonitis, gym exercise weightlifting, after broken wrist also very good for if you are working on computer for long hours using typing keyboard and mouse.

DISCREET FORM - The slim-fit brace fits snugly under long-sleeved tops so that only those with eagle-eyes will notice you are wearing it. Available in a classic black colour, it will coordinate with any outfit seamlessly. 

GUARANTEE 100% Risk Hassel Free 30 Days Return Policy We understand that when you buy your products, you need reassurance that you can change your mind, when you want to, and get your money back. Without the pressure of 30 day time limit.

Product Description:

For those with mild to moderate symptoms of repetitive strain injury, arthritis or any other ailment of the wrist, wearing a brace can have a profound effect on their day-to-day life. Wear at night to ensure a comfortable sleep, during sports to prevent further injury, or for times when movements are smaller but repetitive, such as when you are typing or writing. Doctors do suggest these braces should not be worn for 24-hour periods, however, so that the wrist can heal more naturally and regain a full range of movement.

A Little Wrist Action

Our brace has been cleverly designed to provide maximum support. The durable, breathable fabric allows for excellent air circulation under the brace, keeping the temperature constant and preventing a build-up of sweat. Support and stability is provided to the whole hand, with a space for your thumb keeping it all in place. Once in position, wrap the strap around your arm as tight as feels comfortable, making this an ideal product for hands and wrists of all sizes.

A Flick of the Wrist

Our brace has been made with both style and comfort in mind. The black support is very discreet, easily hidden under long-sleeved tops when you would rather not let everyone know you are wearing it. On hot days when long sleeves aren't appropriate, the dark colour is easily coordinated with any outfit and the lightweight, breathable fabric will prevent you from overheating because of it.


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