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  • FREE-STANDING DESIGN - Traditional punch bags require you to hang them from the ceiling, which can be messy and create holes. No nuts and bolts are needed for this punchbag, which can be pushed to the side when you've finished training.

  •  NARROW, STABLE BASE - Narrow bases are often considered to be less stable than wider bases, but once filled with sand, this is no longer the case! The narrow base also makes it easier to move around the bag, so you can bob and weave without tripping over!

  •  SHOCK ABSORBING - Fully padded with 5cm-thick EPE foam which absorbs every hit, protecting the punching bag from damage and preventing it from moving out of place.

  •  EASY ASSEMBLY - You can have your bag up and ready-to-punch within minutes. Packaged in two separate parts, it is really easy to piece together. It stands at 5.25ft (160cm) tall, giving you plenty of room to practice a range of different punches and kicks.

  • WHY CHOOSE GALLANT PUNCH BAG Lined with soft 5cm thick EPE foam and filled with microfibre Pieces, the bag is wrapped in strong pu grain textured leather. Rubber Connector Stand provides maximum stability and support. HD polyethylene base sand or water filled making it diffcult to punch over! Champions aren't just born; they're made in the gym! Introducing the new range of bags from the UK's biggest free-standing punch bag brand. 

Are you ready to train HARD?

 Whatever your choice of martial art discipline, the Gallant Free-Standing Punch Bag is ready for you to attack it with everything you’ve got! The more effort you put into your training, the better results you will see in the ring.

Our heavy-duty punch bag is a fantastic training aid, helping you to build up your fitness and improve your technique. Whether you are boxing, kick-boxing, practicing a martial art, or simply want another tool in your home cardio studio, this bag will become an essential component in your training.

Time to Unleash the Dragon
We are introducing a new wide range of different designs and colour punch bags specially for 2017!

 Maximum Shock Absorption:-

Lined with soft 5cm-thick EPE foam and filled with microfibre pieces, the bag is wrapped in strong grain faux leather that will resist every blow and gives the bag an attractive shiny finish. The leather won’t tear or split easily and has been made for regular and repeated use. And when you’re finished, it can be simply wiped clean. 

 The padded punching bag slides effortlessly over the rubber tube stand, which then connects to the Polyethylene base. This narrow base makes moving around the bag a breeze, with your biggest trip-hazard reduced. 

  • PU Grain Leather

  • 5cm Thick EPE Foam Sheet

  • Shock Absorption Micro-Fiber highly padded filling

 Compact and Versatile

 This narrow base makes moving around the bag a breeze, with your biggest trip-hazard reduced. It can be filled with water or sand to create a sturdy foundation on which the bag can sit. Sand is heavier, making it more difficult to punch the bag over, but water will make it easier to push the bag to one side when you have finished training. 

Product Contains:

1 x Gallant Freestanding Punchbag,

1 x Gallant Punchbag Base,

1 x Connector Base,

1 x Pack Set of Bolts  

The item is shipped as two separate packages, one containing the base and one containing the punchbag. Please be aware this is due to size and weight limits from couriers and both packages are released for delivery at the same time but can be delivered on separate days. 

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