Bionix Silver Lily 6mm Non-Slip Yoga Mat

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EXTREME COMFORT – Practice the most difficult of yoga poses in confidence, knowing your body is fully supported on our 6mm-thick mat. And experience the most amazing of shavasanas at the end of your practice, fully stretching out on our 173cm x 61cm surface!

EASY STORAGE AND TRANSPORT – Yoga is supposed to enhance your life – not get in the way! Luckily our mat rolls up easily to be stored safely between classes. It weighs only 1lbs and features carry case system to make transportation a breeze!

DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY – We use high-density, soft foam, offering the best quality and most durable mats possible. With a thickness of 6mm and free from latex and phthalates, this mat should last the duration of your yoga journey.

ANTI-SLIP – Keeping stable during your yoga practice is a challenge in itself, which is why we have provided our mats with textured surfaces to help stop you slipping as you move from asana to asana. The mat also grips to the floor so it should never slide out from under you.

UNIQUE PRINTED DESIGN –  Each mat comes in different printed design available in black, blue, grey and green colour.

HIYGENE - Our wipe clean surface allows you to simply wipe away the sweat, dirt and tears (of joy) after each session, keeping germs and bacteria at bay.

Product Description:-

Bionix Printed Design PVC yoga mat. Once you discover the overwhelming affect that the practice can have on all aspects of your life – from your body shape and flexibility, to your ability to handle stress and your outlook on the world, you will wonder what ever took you so long to get started.

Yoga is not just another exercise, although the right poses can certainly help with toning your body; yoga is a mindset; a way of life. It is all about the journey, rather than the destination.

With that in mind, you will need to feel comfortable and supported throughout your practice. Choosing a yoga mat to become part of your daily or weekly practice should be an emotional decision – this mat will be a key accessory to you, so product specifications are important.

Material Matters

Our mats are made with 6mm high-density thick foam. Beginners to the practice, or those that feel the need for a little extra padding as they pose, will appreciate the added comfort and support offered by the mat. It may even help you maintain your balance as you work to master some of the one-legged poses and it has been designed to absorb the impact from your workouts, taking the pressure off your joints. The added bonus is that you can also use the mat in other, higher-intensity workouts, since it will provide all the padding you need. PVC is one of the best materials for exercise mats, since it is extremely high quality and durable.

Extra Features

Each colour comes with different printed design, lightweight mat includes carry case system to ensure transportation from your home to your yoga class is effortless. The textured surface is not just for aesthetics (although we do think it looks great!) – this provides an anti-slip surface, stopping your feet sliding on the mat, or the mat sliding on the floor!

And when you are finished with your practice, the mat simply rolls up ready to be stored for the next time.

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