12 Best Suspension System Exercises for Beginners: Build Explosive Body at Home

12 Best Suspension System Exercises for Beginners: Build Explosive Body at Home

Get ready for burns. Suspension System Exercises: new craze and new ways amongst fitness freaks.

Discover 12 of the best Suspension System exercises for beginners, an online Suspension System program to tune in, and impressive benefits backed by Science.


Packed on some pounds while working from home? Want to unlock the athletic physique, build some muscles, or improve your heart? Welcome. We’ve outlined 12 of the best Suspension System exercises for beginners to help them kickstart their fitness journey. But, before moving onto that stuff, you might want to look why this craze is becoming increasingly popular, and what science says about Suspension System. 


Well, first, what the hell is exactly Suspension System anyway? Suspension System stands for Total Resistance Exercises. Suspension System exercises are amazing — just like lifting heavy weights. One of the best inventions ever in the fitness industry, Suspension System training was discovered by a U.S navy soldier, Randy Hetric, in 2005. Since then, it has seen crazy growth. By using only your body weight and your best friend, gravity, you’ll develop strength, flexibility, and stability. But, why is this so popular? Why is this a million dollar market? Any study that proves it’s effective? Discover below. 

Suspension System Training Benefits: See what Science says 

Study: 21 adult participants took part. The goal was to discover muscle activation data during Suspension System suspension plank. The results showed Suspension System training is an effective way to engage core muscles during planks. 

Well, that was specific to only one exercise. Listen to this study that tested to see muscle growth, functionality, and overall performance of Suspension System suspension exercises: 

“Interestingly, ST provides a progressive stimulus in the target muscles and a substantial activation in core muscles, suggesting it could be a promising RT (Resistance Training) mode to optimize muscle strength, mass, power, and functional performance.” 

If that wasn’t convincing enough, hear this out…

ACE also discovered in an 8-week study that Suspension System training makes your heart stronger, and develops power in the muscles to lift heavier things, and reduce muscle exhaustion as you grow older.   


So, that proved that this thing isn’t made up by a random internet fitness coach. Suspension System exercises have potential. Besides, here are some more interesting benefits that are convincing enough to train with them: 

  • Inexpensive, lightweight, and compact: Train with them anywhere. Literally. We’ve seen guys training in the park, while anchoring their suspension straps on the trees. They’re so lightweight, easy to carry, and compact. Throw them anywhere easily, in your car, travel or gym bag effortlessly. The best part, you’re getting almost the same level of training with the freedom of anywhere that most folks pay crazy amounts for: like gym fee, fitness clubs, online programs, or buying equipment for home gyms.
  • Achieve Almost Any Fitness Goal: Burn belly fat, build abs, triceps, fix posture and muscle imbalances, grow a bigger chest, unlock explosiveness, grow muscles, or anything. This is an unbeatable value for the price of a measly few pounds. 
  • Suspension System training is becoming increasingly popular as COVID blocked out gyms, parks, and fitness clubs. Folks are adopting this new flexible and economical way to keep their fitness maintained. They’re already crushing their fitness goals as we speak, coaches are designing new programs, and the market is on the fire to reach millions of dollars from now on to 2029. 

    So, if you’re ready to train with the suspension system, and determined to put efforts and build the explosive body you dream, let’s get into it. 

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    12 of the Best Suspension System Exercises for Full Body Strength & Explosiveness at Home

    Before starting, you need to set things up. Anchor off the Suspension System suspension system with your door, stairs, or any almost 7-feet high elevation point. Make sure you’ve a proper space lined up ahead for movements. All set up? 


    Warm it up: 20 seconds each; jumps, squats, criss-crosses, arm raises, and plank. 

    Now, you’re ready to experience some burning.

    1. Suspension System Push-up 

    • Get down on the ground in a push up stance. 
    • Hook your feet onto the Suspension System band so that your toes are facing the floor. 
    • Now, just like a push up, putting your body weight onto your hands, lower down, and press up. 
    • Get back slowly and repeat.
    • 5-10 reps for one set. 

    (Remember to keep your back intact, your glutes inlined, and your neck straight. Keep it slow and stretchy to maximise gains) 


    Why this exercise: The general benefit of push-ups is a total upper body hammering and core touching. You’ll get the same benefits here, but with some added bonuses. As your whole body weight is onto your arms and shoulders, unlike regular push-ups where half of the weight is on feet, you’ll add more intensity here. Plus, you’ll also develop core stability because your legs would be hanging on Suspension System. 

    1. Suspension System Chest Press 

    • Feet shoulder-width apart, stand near the Suspension System set so that it faces your back. 
    • Grabbing Suspension System with overhead grip, stretch your chest out, and start leaning your body forward. 
    • As you do this, your elbows will bend respectively. Once you reach the max stretch, hold on there for 1 or 2 seconds. No rush. 
    • Now, get back slowly, straining your arms, and pushing your both elbows together to squeeze your chest. All while taking control over the pull. 
    • Repeat 10-12 reps for one set. 

    (While leaning, keep your back and head straight. Drive power through chest and arms only. Keep them engaged throughout to maximise your gains. Just like a bench press) 


    Why this exercise: Suspension System chest press is best for building upper body strength, stability, and ‘growing a bigger chest’. See, when you’re on the bench or on the floor, pressing heavy weights on your head, it’s dangerous. Plus, you don’t get that much room to fully stretch or engage your chest. But, when you’re on Suspension System, you’ve the freedom to stretch and go as explosive as you can, without risking anything. That’s safe and also grows the chest faster. 

    1. Suspension System Low Row 

    • Get closer to the Suspension System band. Grab it with both hands so that palms face each other. Make sure the grip is strong. 
    • Now, keeping your back and leg straight, lean back until your arms are fully extended, and all your weight is on your heels. Form a 45 degree angle in simple words.
    • Next, pull yourself back to the original position by driving force through your torso and core. 
    • Repeat 8-15 reps for one set. 

    (Remember to keep the core tight and back muscles engaged to maximise the gains.) 


    Why this exercise: This is pure-gold for back. Build a powerful, well-formed, and well-stabilised back. With that, you’ll also hammer your core and shoulder balls to increase range of motion, strength, and stability. Think of it as an explosive exercise to unlock your true power and range of motion. 


    Plus, if that feels easier to you, try doing it with one arm:

    Grab the Suspension System with only one arm. When you lean back, and reach the max stretch, extend your other hand way back of you. And when you pull back up using your other arm, bring that extended hand and touch the strap. Switch sides to complete one set. 

    This will feel pretty damn hard. So, don’t come back to us for the burns, you’ve been warned.  “The Suspension System Power Pull is a great exercise to open up the body and work the muscles in the arms, back and shoulder”, says Anthony, a London based Suspension System coach. 

    1. Suspension System Triceps Extension 

    • Get near the Suspension System so that it’s facing your back; while standing feet shoulder-width apart, grab the band with overhead grip. 
    • Extend your arms fully in front at your eye level. And keep them there. 
    • Next, lean forward; shift your weight onto your toes. As you do this, bend your elbows so that both your hands are behind your head. 
    • Now, return back to the starting position, while extending your arms again in front. 
    • Repeat 5-10 reps for one set. 

    (Remember to keep your back straight intact the whole time. Drive movement through your arms and engage your triceps to maximise gains.) 


    Why this exercise: Although this feels like a beginner level exercise, it's equally powerful for building those crunchy triceps. You’re putting your triceps on fire with every rep for good. 

    1. Suspension System Lunge 

    • Get near the Suspension System and face it away, standing shoulder-width apart. 
    • Put your one foot in the loop end, and the other firm on the ground.
    • Lower down your body like you’d do in a lunge, while extending your hooked leg behind. Form a 90 degree angle with your forward leg, without losing the bend and shape of the body. 
    • Return back slowly. 
    • 10-15 reps for one set. 

    (Remember to keep your back and neck straight. Engage your abs and core throughout the movement.) 


    Why this exercise: This is the popular and killer abs, legs, and lower body workout. While during traditional lunges, you don’t worry that much about balancing. But, on the Suspension System, get ready to test your balancing and stabilising skills through your core alone. Warning: don’t fall. 

    1. Suspension System Squat 

    • Get near the Suspension System suspension strap. Face it, and grab the stirrers with your both hands so that your palms are facing each other. Your arms are fully straight and your elbows are alongside your chest. 
    • While standing shoulder-width apart, squat down completely. Keep your arms extended at eye level ahead. 
    • Stand back up. 
    • Repeat 8-10 reps for one set. 

    (Remember to drive power through your hips. Keep your back and neck straight up. Engage core, hips, hamstrings, to maximise your gains) 


    Why this exercise: Squat is a powerful lower body exercise. You’ll hammer your hamstrings, abs, glutes, and quads. You’ll increase flexibility, stability, and strength in all those muscles. Especially, because you’ll do this on Suspension System, you’ll add intensity for next level gains. 

    1. Suspension System Curtsy Lunge 

    • Get near the Suspension System suspension, grab the loop with both hands, and stand hip-width apart so that your feet are touching each other.
    • Next, extend back one leg all the way until the toes and knees touch the ground, and while you do that, squat down completely on the other leg. 
    • And then instantly come back neatly without losing your stance. 
    • Repeat and switch sides. 10-15 reps total to complete one set. 

    (Remember to keep your back and head straight intact. Engage your core, glutes, and hamstrings to maximise gains.) 


    Why this exercise: This exercise might look and sound neat and cute, but trust us, this is something. Curtsy lunge is best for training your legs, glutes, quads, calf, knees, and lower back. You’ll develop flexibility and muscle strength, reducing your risk for injuries in the battleground or day-to-day life.  

    1. Suspension System Reverse Mountain Climber 

    • Sit closer to the suspension so that your legs are under the hooks. 
    • Next, place your feet into the hooks so that your toes are facing upwards. 
    • Now, shift your body back a little so that you have a slight bend in your knees.
    • Put your arms behind you under your shoulders. Put your entire body weight on them, press up, and lift your body off the ground. Now, you’re in the air.
    • Next, bring your left knee forward to your chest, and instantly bring it back. And while you do that, bring forward your right knee to your chest. 
    • Repeat the cycle. 5-10 reps to complete one set. 

    (Remember to keep your core engaged throughout. Keep the back and head straight, and the rest of the body still as possible. Don’t hinge your back or hips. If you’re a complete novice, it might take time to master.)


    Why this exercise: This is your full body hammering brewed into a single exercise. Train your shoulders, triceps, lower back, hamstrings, glutes, abs, and hip flexors. Add this in your routine to build explosiveness, increase the body's range of motion, and develop strength in your muscles. Well, now you know why mountain climbers are sick-shredded and strong as Rock. (Pun intended)

    1. Suspension System Suspended Plank Abduction 

    • Get near the suspension straps so that the system faces your back. 
    • Get into the plank stance: weight on your hands, legs fully extended, back and neck straight intact.
    • Now, hook both feet onto the stirrups. 
    • Next, separate both legs apart, as far as possible. Hold for 2 seconds at the max stretch.
    • Bring them back together. 
    • Repeat 10-15 reps for one set. 

    (Remember to keep your core, glutes, and hamstrings engaged to maximise gains. Plus, your back and neck should be straight throughout)


    Why this exercise: Unlike traditional plank, much of your body weight is on your hands, forearm, and shoulders. Resultantly, you’ll develop strength and endurance in your upper body. As you engage your core, you’ll lose your belly fat, and get a nicely toned stomach. Plus, the added bonus, by involving your both legs, you are training your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Combine all these benefits: you get a powerful full body workout. 

    1. Suspension System Spiderman Push up 

    • Get closer to the suspension so that it faces your back.
    • Next: get into the push-up stance, and place both your feet into stirrups. 
    • Lower your body as you’d do during a push up — as soon you do that, bring your right knee ahead beside your obliques. Picture Spiderman climbing on a building. 
    • Then press up, and do the same with your left leg. 
    • Repeat 5-10 reps on both sides for one set. 

    (Remember to keep your back and neck straight. Engage your core and glutes. Keep it nice and slow to maximise gains.) 


    Why this exercise: This targets mainly your core, as you’d feel the burn when doing it. Next, you’ll also pump your shoulders, biceps, and chest. Nicely finished curves. This is one of the total body Suspension System exercises, so on the whole, you’re engaging your whole body: legs, glutes, hamstrings, back, shoulders, wrists, neck, elbows, and knees. Except, don’t dream that you’ll be able to climb buildings like a spider man — although it would be nice to have that skill, eh? I’m sick of tiring stairs and slow elevators. 

    1. Suspension System Burpee to Scorpion 

    This exercise is a bit of a mix of something extra called ‘scorpion’ move. That helps putting extra fire on the core and obliques. Now, Burpee alone is a very challenging exercise, a mix of four other exercises actually: jump, plank, push-up, and squat. But, when it’s on Suspension System, boy, you’re going to love that challenge. And to make things even crazier, you’re mixing a ‘scorpion’ move. Get ready for the exploding heart beat: 

    • Get near the suspension system, stand with feet shoulder-width apart. The Suspension System should face your back. 
    • Next, put your one leg into the loop-end of the Suspension System.
    • Get down on the ground in a plank stance. 
    • Do a push-up. 
    • Now, here add the scorpion move: swirl your free leg under and above the hooked leg. And stand up. That’s it. That’s one rep.
    • Repeat to do 5-10 reps a set. 

    (Remember to keep your back and neck straight. Keep it nice and tight, and take time to master. Once you become pro at this, go as explosive as you can. But, in the start, it’s going to make you tired.) 


    Why this exercise: This is one of the awesome Suspension System exercises. Train for resistance, strength, and flexibility — all at once. Here’s what you’ll achieve if you add this in your routine: stabilised and balanced body coordination, shredded torso, and increased range of motion, stronger heart, improved metabolism, and well-formed body posture. 

    1. Suspension System Crunch and Curl 

      • Grab the Suspension System, lie down face-up, knees bent; so that your arms are fully extended above you, and the Suspension System has nice stretch.
      • Next, pull the Suspension System with your both hands, and sit so that your face almost touches your knees, and your elbows are fully bent, causing stretch in your biceps. Picture doing a crunch.
  • Then lie down back slowly. 
    • Repeat 10-15 reps for one set. 

    (Remember to keep your core and biceps engaged. Keep your back and neck straight throughout.) 


    Why this exercise: Simple crunches work only your core, giving you a shredded stomach. But this, this my friend, adds biceps into the fire pot, too. With every rep, you’re also engaging your biceps muscle to grow them like a tennis ball.  

    Best Suspension System Workout Plan for Beginners to Nail 

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    Start this. 


    We hope you’ve loved reading throughout. Grab those Suspension System suspensions, and start grinding. Share your exceptional gains stories with us on Instagram. We would genuinely love to see your progress with the Suspension System system.