5 Best Boxing Workouts to Get Ripped at Home

5 Best Boxing Workouts to Get Ripped at Home

5 fat killer boxing workouts to get ripped at home without fancy equipment

Read on as we enlist 5 killer workouts to get rid of fat at home. Plus, sturdy boxing gloves and a heavy punch bag to start with. 

The rigorous nature of boxing burns fat like nothing else. Cherry on the top, you don’t need a whole set of equipment to perform boxing workouts. A boxing glove and a punch box will work like charm. Or how about fighting off shadows? Or, if feeling a bit more challenging, how about punching in the midair with 2lb dumbbells in your hands?

See, you might have tried other fat burning workouts or programs — but trust our words, there’s nothing more satisfying than whaling a punch box with every punch harder than the first. You not only kill the lumping fat around your waist or thighs and get in shape, but you also shed all the anxiety, depression, and negative energy loaded on your shoulders. Now, of course, a good diet blends equally well. 

So, whether you’re training for the championship, for a local ring, or just want to get lean and build an aesthetic body — discover 6 of the best boxing workouts to get shredded fast and shape your body as a real fighter. 

Keep on reading to also discover Gallant’s high-resistance boxing gloves made after extensive testing. 

Alright, Time to Warm Up!

Warming up is the drill to prepare for the actual brutal battle. Increase the blood flow, increase the temperature, increase flexibility a little, and probably sweat your skin a little — that’s what warming is for. So when the real battle hits, your mind and body is armed already and you’re at the lowest risk of injury. 

Not only for boxing workouts, but warming up is crucial for every sport you’re training for. See how Dutch football player, Robin Van Persie emphasizes how crucial a warm up is:

“Now I know a lot about my body, like how important it is to eat well, as it makes you stronger in the end and helps prevent injuries. Or when you train, do you just start to shoot, or do you have a good warm-up first?”

Warm up routine before every workout: 

  • For lower body: Perform hip circles by putting hands on your hips, feet wider than shoulder-width, move your hips clockwise and anticlockwise. Do the same while extending your arms. 
  • For Upper Body: Perform arm circles and crossovers. 
  • For Core: Perform mountain climbers, side standing crunches, and criss cross crunches. 

  • At least 10 - 15 minutes of warm up before you actually hit the bag.   

    5 Explosive Fat Burning Boxing Workouts You Can Do at Home 

    1. Punches Alone Aren’t Enough 

    Include overhead slam balls, jump ropes, speed ladder, and jumping box in your workouts to get the shape of a fighter. You’ll enhance your speed, get a better control over your body, and unlock your explosiveness. Here’s what the workout looks like:

    • Jumping box: 10 reps
    • Rope Jump: 90 seconds 
    • Speed ladder drill: 90 seconds 
    • Overhead ball slam: 10 reps 

    Do 5 rounds of each with 2 minutes of rest in between. 

    1. Do Some Shadow Battle

    Prepare for the incoming. Shadow fighting is beneficial for focusing on your stance, movements, and form because there’ll be zero distraction of an opponent or a punch bag. You’ll enhance your muscle memories, speed, and even build power in your punches. Here's how to nail it: 

    • Cross punch: Tightening your core, twisting your waist, driving punch across the body. 
    • Jab: Throw a quick punch with your forward hand. 
    • Hook 
    • Uppercut 

    1. The Power Punch 

    The brutal sport demands brutal punches to become the king of the ring. This drill purely focuses on power, so you’ll need to properly wrap your hands or grab your boxing gloves. Stand in front of the punch bag, aka your imaginary enemy of the ring. Then, here’s what to do next:

    You’ll whack one strong punch at a time. Land every punch harder than the last. Give your 100% here. And remember, this drill is only for power, so don’t rush with speedy punches. With perfect form, isolate one hard blow every time. Hit with your knuckles to avoid injuring your thumb. Here’s what each round looks like: 

    • Jab
    • Cross + straight right (If you practice southpaw, then straight left)
    • Right hook
    • Left hook
    • Right uppercut
    • Left uppercut 

    Each round goes 3 minutes straight, forward to your next round with 1 minute rest in between. 

    1. Fight off Under the Line    

    If you’ve a slackline; great, you’ll need that for this drill. But, if you don’t have one, imagine it for the purpose of the workout. Boxing slip line training is for enhancing your body movements and defense capabilities. Here’s what the drill looks like: 

    • Squat under the line from side to side. Notice, it’s ‘squat’, so don’t look down and bend your body just to cross pass the slackline. Imagine the real opponent standing in front of you and you’ve to keep your eyes on it for your defense. 
    • With the squat, throw hooks and crosses. Become wild and fast. Perform other movements also — like your punches, uppercuts, jabs, and defense moves. 
    • Make it more challenging by introducing lightweight dumbbells. 
    • Or go even wild by performing a quadrant movement under the slackline. 

    The goal is faster movements and a deadly defense system. Do this for 3 minutes straight, and then go for 40 squats right away. Take a 1 min break. Repeat the whole drill 6 times to learn to dodge like a champion and become fit like an athlete. 

    1. Stamina Heavy — Floyd MayWeather Style 

    The famous American boxer developed this drill to mimic the fight of the ring. You’ll whack a punch bag with 1000 punches in each round with a total of 3 rounds. 1 minute of sigh in between. Here’s what it looks like:

    • Stand in front of a punch bag, in a boxing stance. 
    • Non-stop — hit the bag at an easy pace with straight punches. 
    • Introduce hooks, crosses, and power cuts after every fifteen to twenty punches. That will help relax your muscles a bit and break the monotony of the punches. 

    This explosive drill will take a lot from you — but gains are absolutely worth the sweat. You’ll develop the stamina of a beast to become unstoppable like Khabib that goes non-stop for rounds. 

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    Get Started with Explosive Boxing Workouts to Build a Sleek & Lean Body at Home

    No matter if you’re just sporting to get in shape, preparing to dominate the local ring in your area, or dreaming of becoming the next MMA champion — these workouts are the first steps to your Everest. With these in your routine, you’ll build a ripped body, form of a fighter, and develop power and explosiveness in your body. So, wrap your fingers, put on your gloves, and start sweating...today!