6 Benefits of Cardio Pump Set That Might Question Your Gym Membership

6 Benefits of Cardio Pump Set That Might Question Your Gym Membership

Introducing the New at-Home Workout Craze to Quit Paying for Gym Memberships.

“Big round shoulders like a gorilla, pumped chest that he cannot see his feet when he looks down, giant arms that he cannot touch his back, bulky thighs that he cannot walk a mile without bruising himself — he’s drowning in his sweat while lifting barbell over his head in a hot summer day in the weight lifting room. Meet him. He’s a bodybuilder.” 


Do you want to become what you just read? 

Most folks join the gym, and hit hard every muscle on dozens of machines for bulking and strength. Then they run on the treadmill for hours — because, hello, aerobics are crucial, too. 


Developing those bulky muscles might be a good idea if it’s your passion, or you’re playing in competitions. 


But most guys and gals don’t want that kind of a look. They're into workouts and exercises for health, fitness, stamina, and good photos. They love doing it because it ‘actually’ helps them make their lives better. 


So what if there were a way to gain strength, build some nice sharp muscles, and improve cardio at the same time — without going to gym and without putting in too much time and money?  


My team and I dug deeper to do some research. We found BodyPumps program to be the most effective way to train for everything at the same time; whether building muscles, boosting your cardio, gaining strength, or shaping your body for perfect Instagram photos. 


Discover 6 benefits of exercising with aerobic pumps, the best pump set in budget to buy right now, and workout outline to put into work. 


Let’s get into it. 

So what did the research say? 

There was some research done on the BodyPump training program to test its outcome. At Brazil’s University of Sao Paulo, random participants took part in the research. The shape, strength, and weight were measured before the program. After 12 weeks, the results were out. The program showed significant improvements, especially in increasing the muscle strength and decreasing muscular fatigue. There were improvements in aerobic fitness, too — but not as much as compared to gaining strength and muscle flexibility. 

How BodyPump Program with Cardio Pump Sets Looks Like — A brief overview 

Originally developed by Les Mills, the program features high intensity exercises with minimal weights. The philosophy behind this new craze is to gain strength and shape without getting bulky muscles. It is possible by training your muscles so fiercely, but with minimum weights.


For realistic, vigorous, and HIIT workouts lovers, this program is the best option. Here’s what it looks like: 

  • You’ll be nailing a minimum of 800 reps in every one hour session. These reps are a combination of almost 5-6 exercises with different patterns. 800 reps sound kinda crazy, but don’t panic because the weights will be minimum. 
  • You’ll get to hear good music. The rhythm is key in 60-minutes almost non-stop laboring workout. Les Mills’ app has original tracks specifically designed for the BodyPump program. 
  • You might make new friends because the program is usually done with 20 participants’ gathering. But, if you’re too busy, (or lazy), you can do it at home as well. 
  • You’ll be doing 6 exercises: lunges, squats, chest press, clean and press, deadrow, and reverse curl. To make a total of 800-reps, you’ll need to do 123 reps of every exercise. Well, buckle up if you’re a newbie. 
  • Good news, the minimum requirement of this program is that you need to do it at least twice a week. Far better than grinding in the gym 4 - 5 hours a day. 


6 Key Benefits You’ll Enjoy After Working Out With Aerobic Pump Set

Based on our research; after analyzing studies, seeing reports from doctors, and reading from folks who have ‘actually’ gained ‘great’ results, we found these 6 key benefits convincing enough to start your BodyPump workouts today, right now. Keep on reading. 

  • Gain Muscle Strength 

  • Don’t mix muscle mass with muscle strength — you can have Hercules strength without bulking like a bodybuilder. Great muscle strength and endurance will do many great things in your life. You won’t get easily tired while running, sitting, lifting things up, or doing whatever you do every day. 


    But that’s just the surface benefit, right? 


    Here’s what will happen inside your body and how it can be massively beneficial for you: 

    • Muscle endurance: You’ll have less chance of getting hurt or injured when faced with impacts like punches, falling down the stairs, or hit with something metallic. Ever wondered why those wrestlers land powerful punches and even throw hosts’ chairs on each other’s faces and still don’t bleed? Well, that’s because they’ve developed great muscle endurance. 
    • With aging, muscle mass decreases naturally — but not if you’ve been training for strength. Look at our boy Arnold, still younger and masculine than most gym-goers. 
    • Get stronger bones: When you train for muscle strength, your bones automatically get stronger, leading to less injuries and fractures even in old age. 
    • Less risk of developing arthritis: With stronger bones, you get more flexible and powerful joints. That will help reduce the risk of painful arthritis disease, which is incurable at the moment. 


    1. Burn Fat Fast Like a Fast-Moving Train 

    Can you imagine burning almost 600 calories in just a single workout session? 

    Aerobic pumps are crazy good for heavy weights looking to get shredded. 


    With less fat, not only you look attractive and live a more active life, here are some more bennies you might not be aware of: 

    1. Gain Muscle Flexibility  

    The power of muscle flexibility is often ignored by the masses. For one, they might not be aware of the benefits associated with it. And the second reason, they might be too lazy to train for muscular flexibility. 


    But, you’re smart. Here’s what will happen if you improve your muscle flexibility by body pump workouts: 

    • Handsome posture: Working out regularly will improve your posture by fixing your muscle imbalances and weird & slumpy back and neck stance. 
    • Balance: As you train for flexibility, you get good body balance, too. How? Because you’ll get a greater range of motion in your body and it will reform the way you stand, walk, or balance yourself in challenging situations. 
    • Mental peace: Yes, we know it's weird. But studies reveal stretching can bring you mental and physical relaxation. And when you’re both mentally and physically fit, you become more productive in your jobs and skills. 
    • Less Injuries and No Pain: As the muscle flexibility grows, you’ll feel less pain and aches when your muscle gets stretched. Plus, stiff and rigid muscles can develop pain in your back and in your hamstrings. So, keep stretching for less injuries and zero pain. 


    1. Develop Core Strength 

    Core muscles are the ones that get trained the most during Body Pump workouts because patterns of the reps mostly target them. 


    And this will happen if you train your core muscles well: 

    • Protect your inner organs: When your torso muscles are hard like steel, any impact or damage on the torso is less likely to cripple the inner organs. Unlike weak or loose core muscles where impacts might penetrate through your body...and...the rest is unimaginable. 
    • Strong spinal cord: As your core gets powerful, it will also affect the strength and stability of your spinal column. As a result, you’ll have an edge of protection against impacts, and usual back pains that most of us suffer due to longer work hours. 
    • Develop confidence and alpha-attractiveness in your body that you’ll love to show off on the beach or in your Instagram pictures.    


  • Get a Healthier Heart for a Longer Life 

  • As you’re aware at this point, body pump exercises are a mix of strength and aerobics. Just like you train your whole body, you need to train your heart, too. But, not by putting weight on it. You do this by increasing your heartbeat rate, and sustaining it for longer periods. 


    Studies have shown that this method makes your heart healthier and you might live 4.3 to 8 years longer.


    But, aerobics don’t come with regular workouts. For example, you either run on the treadmill to do aerobics, or you lift barbell weights to train for strength and gains. You can hardly combine the two at the same time. 


    Well, that’s where the BodyPump program kicks in. It combines strength and aerobics in a single workout session. 


    Imagine getting the chance of living a few years longer just by putting in an hour-long workout twice a week.  


    1. Shape up Your Body 

    While those above benefits were hard-won facts proven by science, we want to emphasize something more mundane. 


    Why? Because not everyone is overweight and not everyone plays competitions. Some folks are fit already. But they just need a little bit of toning and hammering to build crystal clear cuts. 


    And if you’re one of them and don’t want to pay for gym membership just for that sake, here’s something interesting to hear about body pump workouts: 

    • Get a proportional waistline that develops your personality. Ever seen celebrities in interviews sitting in perfectly shaped positions? Or how photo models look awesome not only in magazines, but the way they stand, walk, and sit in daily life feels almost perfect? Ever wondered why? Because they train to develop proportional waistlines, and fix body imbalances. And you can become just like them only by spending a few dimes on a body pump set and an hour-long workout twice a week. 
    • Even when you're in decent shape — that ugly and shabby looking fat lumping around your waist and biceps still aches in the back of your mind. You think every day: “Oh God, I want to fix this, but I hate going to the gym.” Well, body pumps are your way out, king. 
    • You’ll get powerful legs, strong glutes, and round shoulders.

    Dare to Pull This Off? 

    It might look hard, but it generates results. And you’re here for results only, right? 

    If it hurts, it works. 

    Time to pull it off! 

    Grab your aerobic pump set now

    It’s time to get wild, 

    And create something of you that people praise about. 

    Here’s a really cool video, on the Les Mills’ channel by Ben and Kaylor, showing you exactly how to do BodyPump workouts in a 30-min session with aerobic pumps. 

    Last, we hope you loved what you read. You can tag us on Instagram, share your gains, share your story, and get a chance to get featured in our next brand films.