9 of the Best Kettlebell Exercises Every Gym-Lover Should Start Doing

9 of the Best Kettlebell Exercises Every Gym-Lover Should Start Doing

Discover how Kettlebell — the underrated tool — is actually; the
raddest to become fit, masculine, and powerful...faster.


Whether you're just starting out or crushing those workouts for years,
chances are you've been ignoring the power of kettlebells. And not just you,
this is the story of thousands of gym-goers. But, what if we tell you these
cannon-balls with handles are actually; your secret weapon to build muscle,
gain strength, boost endurance, burn fat, and become fit...faster?!
And don't just take our word for it — countless studies prove that those
undervalued iron-balls are actually the essentials of building muscles, burning
fat faster, and alleviating lower back pain.
Even better, have a look at these real world examples:
● One of the world's top K-1 fighters, Bob Sapp, (or should we say: the
beast?) recently revealed in an interview that he trains with kettlebells.
● Bj Pen, Welterweight UFC champion, crushes his endurance game with
kettlebells to prepare for deadly MMA fights.
● Even Hollywood actors are obsessed with kettlebell workouts. Ed
O'Neil, the guy known for his award-winning movie Married with
Children, loves doing kettle snatches.
So, to help you build muscles and burn fat with this weapon, we're introducing
you to 9 best kettlebell exercises, benefits of training with kettlebells, the best-
in-budget cast-iron to buy, and so much more.
A lot to talk about, so let’s jump right into it.

5 Key Benefits of Training with Kettlebells

The idea of training with Kettlebells is not new. In fact, they’ve been around
since the 17th century, in different shapes and names, of course. But the
recent past years have been like a wildfire in their popularity. Today, many
bodybuilders and athletes go heavy with these iron-balls to train
themselves for the competitions. In fact, the bodybuilding legend, Arnold
Schwarzenegger, not only endorsed doing kettlebell exercises, but
recommended them, too. Why so? Because of the striking benefits that are
often overlooked by many.

So, while there are dozens, we’re emphasizing on the 5 key benefits of
training with Kettlebells to explain why pros choose them, and also to help
you become what you’ve always dreamed of.
Here goes:

Simple, Secure, and Savvy
Kettlebells are so easier to maneuver because of their simple, small, compact
design. You can put them anywhere in your house, garage, or even the back
seat of your car without any hassle. Ranging from measly 4kgs to heavy 68kgs,
you can get the one that suits you. With these in your house, you don’t need
weights or cardio equipment — that saves a lot of space and lowers a lot of
risks of injury. Plus, when you’re travelling and you don’t have all that gym
equipment with you, you can still maintain your routine with kettlebells.

All-in-one Body Conditioning
With the most complex workout training, diets, and gym equipment, we
mainly train for these four aspects: balance, strength, endurance, and
flexibility. Guess what, you get all of these at once by training only with one
tool: Kettlebell. They just simplify the whole process, and they’re fun to train
with. It's like all the body workouts are congested into this one magical iron-
ball. Even if you're not into hard-core stuff, just a regular few minutes

workout with kettlebells will transform your life for the better. You'll get a
beautiful posture, good body movements, and nice endurance. All with the
help of these weighty cast iron-balls.

Burn Fat Faster
When it comes to burning fat calories fast, kettlebells are incredible. A
surprising study done by ACE discovers kettlebell burn 20 calories per
minute. That’s crazy to think even about because, with that burning rate, you
burn 400 calories in just a 20 minute workout! To put that into perspective,
you’d have to run at a supersonic speed of 6 minutes per mile pace to get rid
of that much fat. So, needless to say, to get shredded like an Instagram model
faster, you should be doing kettlebells by now.

Increase Your Range of Motion
With kettlebells, your whole body moves instead of standing in a fixed isolated
state. You do swings, presses, lunges, stand-ups, and more dynamic motions
with heavy weight in your grips. Due to those workout patterns, you loosen up
your body muscles. Gradually, you’ll increase the range of motion in your
body. That’s beneficial, as in the real world or sports arena; the chances of
your muscles or ligaments getting hurt become significantly low.

Get Posterior Chain Strength and Handsome Posture
Kettlebell exercises make your back incredibly powerful. Most movements
target only your back — hamstrings, glutes, lower and middle back, and traps.
Being the body’s biggest muscles, the posterior chain only powers you when
it's trained hard with ballistic movements, which you’d do with kettlebells.
And not only the chain, with consistent workout, your hips, shoulders, and
neck will also be in the shape of their own. Best of all, you’ll get a much better,
handsome-looking posture that most die to get.

Kettlebell Workouts: Possible Injury Risks
There’s no magical equipment that comes without risks. If done right,
kettlebell exercises are massively beneficial. But if done wrong, well, you
might regret why you started in the first place. Here’s what you must be aware
of before putting them to work:
● You might drop them on your feet, leading to a visit to hospital, a few
weeks of rest in the bed (and not to forget: the pain).
● While swinging, if swinged too hard with loose grips, it might slip from
your hands and land on somebody else’s face. The rest is hard to explain
● Lifting in the wrong patterns might cause muscle contractions, tears,
bruises on forearms, and even falls.
● The worst and the most common, the lower back injury.

Kettlebell Workouts: Mistakes to Avoid
To prevent injury risks and to get the results you’re imagining right now, you
need to train like a pro. Here are your dos and don’ts of training with
● Don’t use your arms and shoulders while swinging. Instead drive thrust
from your hips.
● Don’t lean too far while swinging. Instead keep your abs tight, push only
your hips back, keep your back flat, and your head straight.
● Don’t use the wrong weight. Don’t go too light or too heavy. Instead go
with the balanced one to avoid bruising your shoulders, forearms, and
injuring your lower back.
● Don’t over complicate and make kettle workouts intense. Avoid going
wild by clinging to your jaw so that the neck veins start to pop-up. You'll
not double your gains by doing that but increase the chances of muscle
strains. So try staying as calm as possible.
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9 Best Exercises to do with Kettlebells for Whole Body Workout
While there are many, we’re introducing you to 9 of the best exercises to
ignite your workout routine. It doesn’t matter what age you are, what level
you are, or what gender you are, putting these exercises in your workouts will
take you to another level. (Except, if you have a medical condition, we suggest
visiting your physician first)

Here goes:

1. Kettlebell Swing
● Stand straight with feet a little wider than your shoulder’s width.
Make sure the kettlebell is placed right between your ankle bones.
● Bend down, as you’d do in a deadlift position, keeping your back
straight, and your shoulders in. Pick up the kettlebell using your
both hands, and stand straight.
● Start swinging the kettlebell with a power thrust from your hips,
build momentum, and then raise it to shoulder’s height.
● Keep swinging, don’t lose momentum.

Why this exercise: Kettlebell Swing is best for improving your body posture,
strengthening your core muscles, burning calories faster, removing lower
back pain, and whole body conditioning. Do this 90 sec a set every day for
dramatic results.

2. Kettlebell Thrusters
● Get two kettlebells and hold them in your hands so that they rest
on your shoulders.
● Squat all the way down until you can, bending and keeping your
legs aligned with the shoulder.
● Stand up by driving through your legs. As soon as you straighten
up, fully extend both your arms above your head to raise
● Repeat the same and don’t lose momentum.
Why this exercise: This medium-level workout routine will power your whole
body. You'll get stronger grip, stronger upper back, stability over your head,
core strength, and improved squat pattern. Add this to your routine to turn on
the beast switch in your body.

3. Kettlebell Snatch
● Stand straight, feet a little wider than shoulders; grab a kettlebell
with your one hand.
● Bend down your knees, do a complete squat, holding the kettlebell
between your legs so that the kettlebell touches the ground.
● Drive up using your knees and hips, lift the kettlebell to your
shoulder as you stand straight, and then all the way up above your
head until your arm is fully extended.
● Return back to the same position, repeat the same, and swipe
hands every set.

Why this exercise: Often regarded as the queen or king of all the kettlebell
exercises, this helps you lose weight crazy-fast. Plus, you’ll get the Hercules
strength in your grip, shoulders like an iron-ball, and core strength like a tiger.
A study at University of Wisconsin, La Crosse discovered snatches help
maintain 80-90 percent maximum heart rate during the session. So, with this
in your routine, you can drastically improve your cardio, too.

4. Kettlebell Goblet Squat
● Stand straight with feet a little wider than your shoulders.
● Hold a kettlebell with your both hands so that palms face each
other and the kettlebell is in front of the chest.
● Do a proper squat while keeping the position of the kettlebell the
same throughout.
● Repeat all over.
Why this exercise: Goblet squats build incredible strength in the lower back
muscles, burn fat around the belly, reduce lower back pain, and shape
shoulder, forearm, and upper-back muscles. You can leverage that in your
deadlifting and running.

5. Kettlebell Clean and Press
● Stand straight, feet a little wider than shoulders, holding two
kettlebells in your both hands by your knees.
● Bend down your knees slightly just like you do in squats, then jump
up while simultaneously raising both kettlebells above your head
so that your arms are fully extended and are shoulder-width apart.
● Land back slowly in the same position and repeat.
Why this exercise: This exercise is the fastest way to boost grip strength, gain
upper-back strength, develop shoulder muscles, and get overhead stability.

Unlike rolling over heavy weights and lifting tons above your head, this is the
simple, secure, and effective way to train your upper body.

6. Kettlebell Pistol Squat
● Grab a kettlebell and hold it just under your chin with your both
hands so that palms face each other.
● Lift your one leg slightly off the ground and do a complete squat on
your one leg.
● Stand back up without letting the leg touch the ground.
● Repeat and switch legs in sets.
Why this exercise: Challenging but very effective, pistol squats will help you
build flexibility, strength, and mobility. Takes a lot of practice, but totally with
spending your time and effort. Great for achieving an athletic body.

7. Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk
● Grab two kettlebells and hold them by your sides.
● Walk fast short steps while keeping your arms strong from point A-
● When you reach point B, turn back fast and walk back towards A.
Why this exercise: Hard to believe by the simple looks of it, but this is your full
body workout. That’s it. Only by walking fast with weights in your hands. You
target your upper back, shoulders, neck, lower back, including posterior chest
muscles, grips, and forearms. Even better, with faster walks, you improve your
cardio and endurance game.

8. Kettlebell Toe Touch with Pick Up
● Stand straight, feet wider than shoulders’ width, hold a kettlebell
in your left hand, and raise it above your head on your left side so
that your arm is fully extended.

● Now, slowly slide down your right hand until you touch the toe,
while keeping the kettlebell above your head fully straight.
● Repeat and switch sides.
Why this exercise: Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this exercise — if done
accurately and with consistency, you won’t believe what this simple exercise
has the power to do. With this in your routine, you do your complete abs
game, develop grip strength, get killer forearms, and not to mention, build
around your shoulder-muscles.

9. Kettlebell Crossover Lunges
● Stand straight, hold a kettlebell in your left hand.
● Drop in a forward lunge with your right foot, keeping your abs
tight and your back straight.
● As soon as you lunge forward, pass the kettlebell to your right hand
through the empty space between both legs.
● Then push up, step back, and do a backward lunge. As soon as you
drop back for a backward lunge, pass the kettlebell to your left
hand again through your legs.
● Repeat and keep the pace.
Why this exercise: Crossover lunges are effective for quad-building, training
your glutes, hamstrings, and hip flexors to aid you become faster in
movements, and a sporty in balancing and coordinating your body.

It’s Time You Challenge Yourself and Go as Heavy as You Can!
There’s no one magical tool for getting wild results without putting in any
effort. If you dare to challenge yourself, kettlebells are definitely a fun and
powerful way to ignite your workouts like a beast. They’re less intimidating
and less risky because of their simple and compact design. And it doesn’t
matter whether you’re training for competitions, or you’re just running
after basic body workout, this cast iron-ball is your thing to go as heavy as
you can! Try and challenge