Are Glute Bands Effective? See What Science Says

Are Glute Bands Effective? See What Science Says

Booty bands are trendy, but can they build muscles — more specifically, booty muscles? See what science and trainers say.

Discover the detailed answer to the question: are glute bands effective in building glutes and staying fit? Studies and experts reveal everything openly.


Booty bands, resistance bands, mini bands, hip circles, or whatever you name it, is popular exercise equipment. As more and more influencers, fitness freaks, and builders are using them, the question is also on the trend: are these bands really effective? 

One thing is clear: yes, they’re effective in building those round booties and helping you with other body exercises. 

But, there might be a catch: How effective are these? And who should train with these? What exercises to choose from? Plus, why are these popular?

This, and more, we’ll answer today according to trainers’ opinions, and some studies done behind these exercise bands. 

In the end, we’ll also introduce you to a complete workout outline to build those round curvy glutes, and keep yourself fit and healthy. 

Let’s get into it.

What’s a booty band and how does it work? 

Unlike other exercise bands, which are often lengthy, are open-loop, and sometimes come with handles to hold onto, booty bands are slightly different. These are short, 12-14 inches mostly, thick, and wide soft fabric. When you wear them over your thighs, knees, or ankles, and perform certain exercises, these instantly activate your glute muscles. This is the reason, specifically; they’re given the name ‘glute or booty’ bands. 

But, still, a lot of people use resistance bands for them interchangeably, which is okay, since booty bands also create great resistance, during exercises. And to match different levels of trainers, they come with different intensity levels; low, medium, high. 

There have been a lot of talks going on about whether these are effective. And if they’re, how much do you need to trust them? Any scientific study to back up the claims? 

Well, yes, there are dozens. We are going to talk just about that below. 

6 benefits of training with booty bands, backed by science 

Glute bands are so compact, little stretchy straps that you can carry anywhere, any time. These are so inexpensive, probably cost you less than a nice meal. You can train with them anywhere, without the bondage of entering into an expensive gym membership, buying any other gym equipment, or properly setting things up in place. Train with them in parks, backyards, offices, bedrooms, hallways, or even in the airport lounge. That’s only one reason why these are so popular. 


A certified trainer in New York, Bec Donland, puts this about glute bands:  “They’re joint-friendly and provide a more functional movement in comparison to free weights.” 

And, James Shapiro, the creator of Primal Power Fitness resonates with Bec’s remarks: “[Glute bands] create a field of resistance and can, by that definition, create muscle when going through a high volume of training."

Even have a look at Emily Samuel, a celeb fitness trainer, sings the praises of booty bands because of how effective these are in challenging other expensive tools; “I’m really into bands”. She even created her own explosive booty band exercise, called ‘hip circuit band’. 

Here are some benefits of glute bands based on scientific studies: 

  • A study done revealed glute bands are super effective when it comes to glute activation. Different exercises with the band when placed on the thigh, above the knee more specifically, activate all three gluteal muscles. That’s beneficial in booty gains.
  • Another study revealed banded walks with booty bands also activate the gluteal muscles significantly, building and enhancing booty gains. 
  • Here’s another study...this time Electromyography tools were used to precisely examine muscle activation in men and women during banded walks: the results were awesome. 
  • Booty bands hammer your glutes from all angles, and that’s the best part. With them, most of the exercises revolve around only glute muscles.
  • The tension level progressively increases as you pull, and that’s best in pushing those limits, and boost gains. Besides, these come in multiple resistance sizes to keep burning and bulking as things get easier over time. 

These were just a few studies for the sake of answer, there are dozens more that prove booty bands are actually effective in building those round bulky booties with progressive resistance load. 

So, if you’re also considering thinking about training with the glute bands, read below things to keep in mind when buying them: 

Who can train with booty bands and how to choose a perfect band for yourself? 

Anyone can train with them, whether you’re a pro, in the midst, or a total novice. Training with hip bands is the same as training with free weights like dumbbells or kettlebells. These create resistance, and when you put your body muscles against any form of resistance, you build strength and mass. 

See below the buying guide:

  • These should be durable. Stay away from local, dirt-cheap bands, as eventually, they’ll tear off sooner than you’d expect. Go with something brandish for a long-term benefit.  
  • The cotton fabric won’t slip or fall off during exercises, so if you can grab that, it would be great. Also, make sure whatever material you choose, it’s skin-friendly. A lot of cases come when the material isn’t skin-friendly, and after training, bruises, rashes appear over their thighs. Plus, soft, non-grainy fabric will also keep your activewear safe against unweaving or completely ruining. Cotton might not have the same level of elasticity as rubber, but it’s much safer, which is exactly what everyone would love for themselves. 
  • Grab all intensity levels, in most cases, it’s the group of 3-5 bands. What that will do is you’ll be progressively increasing your intensity as you keep achieving your goals. 
  • Style: if that matters to you, if you want to look awesome while working out, pick a colour or something that fits your vibe. 
  • The material should give the required resistance. Read reviews online for that one.

If you’re a beginner, you should start from the low level resistance band as it will train your muscles gradually. If you’re previously been training with bands or been working out, you can start from the mid-level resistance. And, if you’re a pro, you know you want that wild intense resistance to feel the butt working out.


Introducing the Gallant’s Glute Band Set designed to help you achieve your glute goals with comfort. With a total of three intensity levels; low, medium, and high, you can start working out today from any fitness level. If you’re a total novice, it’s even greater as you can progressively train by increasing intensity levels, and keep building. 

These thick and wide bands are made of 46% industrial elastodiene fabric and 56% strong polyester material. That makes them strong and stretchy, so you can train intensely without the fear of tearing or snapping the band. Also the fabric feels buttery-soft when rubbed against your skin, zero rashes or bruises.

Plus, to make sure you work out non-stop smoothly, there’s a special rubber layer inside to make it non-slip and non-flimsy over your activewear. The soft layer also protects your leggings or sportswear, preventing them from unweaving or ruining the material.

And, not just glute goals, you can train with them for a variety of sports or exercises; yoga, Cross fit, Pilates, and other exercises to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Here’s the best part: these are so lightweight and can easily blend in with your outfits and lifestyle with multiple colour patterns. So you can literally train anywhere; office, home, park, backyard, terrace. And to help you carry it anywhere, the package also includes a cute carry bag. 

Plus, if you’re resident in the UK Mainland, free shipping for you. 

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Ultimate Booty Band Workout at Home and Few More Exercises to Stay Active and Energetic

Below mentioned are 12 exercises that work your butt, core, oblique, and overall body as well. Before you continue, you need these equipment:

  • A booty band set (If you haven’t already, grab the Gallant’s Glute Band Set now at 30 day money back guarantee)
  • Clean soft carpet, but carpets can get smelly, sweaty, and dirty. Better solution is to grab an exercise fitness mat. (If you don’t own already, you can grab Gallant’s exercise mat at 30 day money back guarantee)
  • Water bottle
  • Sweat towel 
  • Headphones (If you’re a fan of working out with your favorite playlist turned on)

Next, warm up a bit before directly diving into putting your butt or other muscles against heavy resistance.

Here’s how:

  • Jump on toes for 20 seconds
  • Squats for 20 seconds
  • Lateral raises for 20 seconds
  • Press ups for 20 seconds

Here’s your workout layout:

  • Lateral Band Walks
  • Hip abduction
  • Glute bridge
  • Squats
  • Clamshell

You can take a 20 second break between changing to the next exercise. Perform at least 3 sets of each exercise. (You can go wild by repeating the same workout) 

Reps can vary from 10-20 depending upon your fitness level. Choose the resistance band level according to your comfort. 

Now, you’re all set to burn some, and bulk some! 

Here are exercises you’ll be working on in your booty workout: 

  1. Fire Hydrant 

  • Get on the fitness mat, and make a table stance; hands and knees on the floor. Make sure both your knees are closed and touching.
  • Next, slightly above the knees, wrap the glute bands around both legs.
  • Now, arch out one leg sideways to the max, making sure its lower leg remains straight, and the other knee remains still on the ground.
  • Bring back the leg, and repeat the same with the other.
  • 8-10 reps for one set.  

Remember to keep your back and neck straight throughout. Keep the movement controlled, slow, and stretchy. Engage your glutes and core especially to maximise gains. 


Why this exercise: Fire hydrants will target your core and glutes, making core shredded, and glutes rounded and bigger. Besides, you’ll improve posture, reduce back pain, and maintain a healthy body language throughout the day. 

  1. Standing Hip Abduction

  • Stand near a poll, wall, or anything to support your body weight. But, if you can balance on your own, that’s not necessary. Follow the next steps:
  • Keep your feet closed, and wrap the glute band around both your legs, just below your knees.
  • Next, leave your one leg slightly in the air just behind you, making a slight bend in the knee as well. Do this to shift your entire body weight on the leg on the floor.
  • Now, raise your suspended leg back in the air, as much as you can. Hold at the max stretch for a second.
  • Come back slowly, and repeat 10-15 reps.
  • Switch sides, do the same with the other leg, and repeat 10-15 reps.
  • Complete a set with a total of 20-30 reps. 

Always remember to engage your glutes when lifting your leg in the air back, making a 45 degree angle. Keep your balance so you don’t fall. Keep the rest of the body still, intact, and straight. Keep it slow and controlled for maximum gains.


Why this exercise: This will help you gain stability by working your hip flexors. Besides, it builds your one of the main booty muscles, gluteus maximus. 

  1. Side Leg Lifts 

  • Lay down on your side on the fitness mat. Your legs should be straight, but you can bend the lower leg a bit to give the upper leg the stability it might need.
  • Next, wrap the glute band slightly above your knees.
  • Now, lift your upper leg straight in the air, extend it as much as you can. Hold there for a second.
  • Bring it back slowly. Repeat this for at least 5-10 reps. 
  • Switch sides, and do the same with the other leg, 5-10 reps. 
  • 10-20 reps for one set. 

Remember to keep your back, and neck straight, and the rest of the body still on the ground as you lift your legs up in the air. You can place your upper hand on your upper hip to maintain your body balance. Keep it nice and slow, no rush, to maximise gains. 


Why this exercise: This is a great exercise to build strength in the outer thighs or abductor muscles, which help in moving your legs explosively as we walk, run, or jump. With this in your routine, you can build decently shaped outer booty thighs, and enhance your day to day movements with an explosive and more outgoing attitude. If you’re a sports person, this exercise will even help you build stability and balance in speedy movements. 

  1. Glute Band Squats 

  • Wrap the booty band slightly above your knees, keep your feet shoulder-width apart, and stand on the floor straight.
  • Next, lower down your body as you’d do in a squat. As soon as you do that, push your knees outwards to stretch the band as much as you can. When you reach max squat limit, or when your thighs become parallel to the ground, slowly stand back up. 
  • Repeat the same for 5-10 reps to complete one set. 

Remember to drive force only from hips to maximise booty gains. Always keep your back and neck straight, and feet grounded facing front. Keep it nice and tight to boost gains. 


Why this exercise: This exercise is one of the major ‘glute maximisers’. Enhance your glute gains fast by adding this in your routine. Plus, glute squats will also help you alleviate lower back pain, and strengthen thighs, core, and quadrant muscles. The result: explosive attractive body. 

  1. Glute Bridge with Booty Band

  • Sit on the fitness mat, on your buttocks, with knees bent shoulder-width apart.
  • Loop the booty band right above your knees. 
  • Next, lay down on your back, and bring your feet closer to your glutes as much as possible
  • Make sure feet face front and remain grounded on the floor firmly. Press hands on the floor wide to aid in balance. 
  • Press out your knees to create resistance in the glute bands, stretch as much as you can. While you do this, follow the next step immediately:
  • Now, keeping your rest of the body on the floor still, raise your hips in the air until they’re almost your knees’ height. Or, in other words, when you make a diagonal line with your thighs and hips. Hold this position for a second.
  • Now, return back slowly to the starting position, taking control of the move. 
  • Repeat 8-10 reps to complete a set. 

Remember to keep the rest of the body intact with the ground. Drive thrust only from hips, engaging your core and glutes. Keep it nice and controlled to maximise gains. 


Why this exercise: Glute raises with glute bands add an extra layer of resistance to maximise your booty gains: it strengthens and builds your glute muscles, and tones your core at the same time. The overall benefit of the exercise will help you gain good posture, core stability for day to day or sports movement, and muscle endurance to prevent injuries. 

  1. Ankle Jumping Jacks with Glute Bands

  • Stand shoulder-width apart, loop the glute band around your toes, with feet facing front.
  • Now, do a little jump, and as you do that, flank both your feet outward sideways. And then again jump, and bring them back to the starting position.
  • Repeat this 10-15 reps to complete a set. 

Remember to keep the rest of your body straight intact. Resistance of the band might make it difficult for you to jump and press your feet outwards, so make sure you don’t trip. Warm up by doing it without jumping, and then slowly transition to jumps to maximise gains. 


Why this exercise: Jumping jacks in general is a total body workout: it works on your lungs, heart, and rest of the body muscles at the same time. It’s one of the plyometric exercises that help people unlock the body's explosiveness and range of motion, to aid in jumping, running, and sporty movements. Instead of running for hours on the treadmill, do jumping jacks to achieve almost the same results. 10 minutes of jumping jacks can burn 94 calories

The main muscles it works: hip flexors, quadrants, and glutes. All these muscles work together to give you flexibility, stability, and strength you need for walking, running, and jumping. (And not to forget, the outer or side booty bulk for that sexy side curve)

  1. Banded Walks

  • Stand feet shoulder-width apart, loop the booty band right above your thighs.
  • Go into a quarter squat position or half squat position. Spread your legs to create a decent stretch in the band already. Toes and knees should face front straight. 
  • Next, take a step to the right, and follow it with the other leg. 
  • Now, take a step to the left, and follow it with the other leg. You’ve completed one rep.
  • 10-15 reps for one set. 

Remember to always keep your toes and knees pointed straight. When you take a step with one leg, don’t let the other knee hinge or move, keep it still. While doing all that, don’t forget to keep your quarter or half squat position maintained, back and neck straight, hips pushed back a little. 


Why this exercise: Banded walks target three main muscles around your hips and glutes: gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus. The exercise not only grows mass and builds strength in those muscles, but also it’s a great fat burner around the oblique and lower body in general. Besides, you’ll also work on your hip and knee joints to strengthen them, and prevent the injury risks. Most folks do this exercise for a warm up, without the band. But with the glute band, it’s a powerful lower body resistance exercise.  

  1. Clamshell Exercise

  • Lay down sideways on the fitness mat. Loop the band around your thighs.
  • Your legs should be in line with your back, with knees bent making a 90 degree angle.
  • You can keep your lower arm under your head for support, and the upper arm on your hips for balance.
  • While your feet remain touched, lift your upper knee in the air, as much as you can. Hold there for a second.
  • Bring it back slowly. Repeat 10-15 reps.
  • Switch sides, and repeat 10-15 reps. 
  • With a total of 20-30 reps, you complete a set. 

Remember to only lift your upper knee upward, driving force from hips, while the rest of the body remains intact on the ground. Keep your back straight. Keep it slow and controlled to maximise gains. 


Why this exercise: If you’re looking to build that outer edge of the booty, the end curve that feels like separated from the rest of the buttock, this is the exercise you should focus more on. Clamshell strengthens and builds mass around the gluteus medius, which is responsible for the outer edge. 

Besides, there’s one more important benefit: this exercise will also stabilize your pelvic, responsible for protecting abdominal organs and supporting the spinal column. 

  1. Donkey Kick

  • Wrap the glute band just below your knees.
  • Get on the mat, make a table stance; hands and knees on the ground, back flat, and neck straight. 
  • Next, while keeping your knee bent, kick back upwards with your one leg so that your heels face the ceiling. Lift as much as you can, hold at the max position.
  • Bring the leg back to the original position. Repeat 10-15 reps.
  • Switch legs and perform more 10-15 reps.
  • Complete a set with a total of 20-30 reps. 

Remember to keep your stance maintained, and your glutes and hamstrings engaged throughout the movement. 


Why this exercise: Ray, a fitness coach says; Donkey kicks are great for both stability and toning. The target muscle is gluteus maximus, which is the largest muscle of your booty. If you bulk this muscle, you bulk the whole booty. 

Apart from that, donkey kicks keep your core and oblique toned, and strengthen your shoulders as well. 

  1. Banded Hip Thrust 

  • Sit on the floor closer to the bench, with knees bent hip-width apart. 
  • Next, wrap the glute band around your thighs.
  • Now, rest your upper body on the bench so that your lower body is left suspended in the air.
  • Bracing your core, thrust your hips up so that they reach the knee height. While you do that, press your knees outwards to create resistance in the band. Hold there for a second.
  • Bring back your hips to the starting position while taking control.
  • Repeat 10-15 reps to complete a set.

Remember to engage your glutes while you’re at the max height, and squeeze the butt when thrusting upwards. Also, keep your core braced to maximise the gains. 


Why this exercise: This exercise is so beneficial for the booty that Bailey, a fitness coach, said that hip thrusts are the “holy grail of the booty exercises.” Hip thrusts strengthen the glute muscles, and build muscle mass to make it round and big. Besides, because you also hammer your core during the exercise, and your whole lower body for stability and resistance. 

You might have also seen trainers carrying a weight on the hips while thrusting. If you have free weights, you can use that to add extra resistance, and maximise booty gains. But remember to start from the lower weight number to progressively train without hurting yourself, if you’re a beginner. 

  1. Curtsy Lunge

  • Stand straight feet hip-width apart, loop the band slightly above your knees, and keep your toes facing front. Bring your both hands together at your chest heights, clasp them as you’d greet someone.
  • Next, bring your right leg backwards by drawing a semi-circle until it reaches exactly behind your left foot. Keep the toes of your right leg tucked on the ground for stability.
  • Now, start lowering your body, and lunge as down as possible, until your right knee almost touches the ground.
  • Return back slowly while taking control of the body balance. 
  • Switch legs, and repeat the same. 
  • 10-15 reps for one set.

Remember to keep your back and neck straight intact. Feel the stretch in your glutes and hamstrings to maximise gains. 


Why this exercise: Lunges are one of the total body conditioning exercises. Because you resist against your own body weight, and the weight of the booty band, it doubles the effect of curtsy lunge. You’ll build muscle strength, work on your cardio, tone your core, and enhance stability.

More specifically speaking, curtsy lunges will work on your butt, giving it a round curvy shape. 

  1. Single Leg Deadlift

  • Stand hip-width apart, take the booty band, wrap around your left foot, and grab the other loop end with your left hand.
  • Now, split legs; bring the right leg slightly backwards to shift your entire weight on the left leg.
  • Lower down, keeping your back and neck straight, grab the loop end with your left hand, and keep the arm straight, standing tall. Create maximum strength in the band.
  • Now, lower back down, and repeat. 10-15 reps.
  • Switch legs, and repeat 10-15 reps.
  • With a total of 20-30 reps, complete one set. 

Remember to keep your core engaged, your back and neck straight. Hinge forward only using your hips to achieve that hip extension. Lower down until your hand reaches the midst of your calf. 


Why this exercise: Deadlifts, as you might already know, are great for the back, glutes, and hamstrings. Instead of carrying a deadly weight in your hands, you’re resisting against the pull of the booty band. It helps in building your booty, toning your core, and enhancing body balance. 

Glute bands are great to work on your butt, and keep your body fit. Are you in?

Whether you’re just starting or been working out before, glute bands can meet your resistance level. The more experienced you get, the heavier you can choose the booty band. 

More specifically, if you’re an at-home workout lover, stranded up in your busy routine, don’t have access to gyms, or simply don’t want to pay crazy prices...and still want to work on your body, glute bands are the way to go. 

With the measly price of less than a meal, you can develop a great body confidence, improve your cardio game, build decent muscle endurance, and put some mass specifically on glutes. 

Even if you feel the heaviest of these are easy for you at some point, wear two bands at the same time to double the resistance. (Get ready to feel the burn though). 

Most influencers and trainers only train with these little straps, and have built awesome attractive bodies.  

For example, Lee Mullis, a personal trainer and creator of Workshop Gymnasium, says this: Resistance bands—and especially resistance bands for glutes—are a great tool for providing resistance through the full range of motion of an exercise, as well as helping to activate key stabiliser muscles in the hips and shoulders.

You might have also seen influencers and trainers on your social feeds working out with these booty bands, or even in the public parks.

That’s why Gallant has designed a special glute band set to reinforce the freedom in fitness: to help folks who cannot access gyms, are busy, or simply love the comfort of home. 

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