Why You Should Be Using Adjustable Dumbbell Set in Your Home Workouts

Why You Should Be Using Adjustable Dumbbell Set in Your Home Workouts

Discover why adjustable dumbbells are a craze amongst home gym lovers, and a dumbbell-only workout to get sick-shredded and gain solid muscles. Plus, a special set of these bad boys to help you get started.

Adjustable dumbbells are a new craze. Discover a quick at-home dumbbell only workout, and an affordable dumbbell set right now. 

Racks filled with gym equipment shouldn't be your ultimate goal. Or draining your bank on the long list of dumbbells and gym equipment doesn't sound like a plan either.  

Especially for home gyms, space, convenience, and budget are real issues to put thoughts into. 

So, what if you could save money and save space — while never compromising on your fitness?!

Well, that's what adjustable dumbbells are all about.

Read on as we enlist benefits of using adjustable dumbbells, a quick & wild dumbbell-only workout, and the Gallant's special best-selling set from the inventory. 

Let’s get into it. 

Why an Adjustable Dumbbell Set for Your Full-Body Workout? 

Dumbbells are the most versatile gym equipment. Whether you want killer glutes, shredded torso, bigger chest, round shoulders, crunchy triceps, chiseled back, or cardio like Khabib — get all of that with only one set of dumbbells. 

Even those famous bodybuilders that flex in the gym mirrors or lift tons in the competition, and celebrities who appear shredded and sexy in movies — they all adore working out with dumbbells.

Why? Because DBs are accessible, convenient, and make workouts less intimidating and hassle-free. And you can not only crush dumbbell workouts at home, but even when you’re travelling. 

On top of all, adjustable dumbbells save you money. One because, you’ll have a dumbbell and barbell set for the price of one. And second, the set already pays for itself because you don’t have to pay for gym memberships again. 

Keep on reading to find a stellar set for you and an upbeat quick workout at the end. 

Best Adjustable Dumbbell Set to Buy Now in 2021

Introducing Gallant's best-selling and exclusive item from the inventory: Gallant 20Kg 2-in-1 Dumbbell  Barbell  Combo. 

Use it as a barbell for weight gains.

Or smash your dumbbell-only workouts. 

Now you can perform dozens of exercises — with only one tool.  

With spinlock collar, easily change weight plates and secure them real-tight so you’re not at risk of injuring yourself. And with multiple plates, set the weight as low as 0.5kg to the max 20kg.   

It’s the perfect day to start. With the Gallant’s 30-day no-question-asked warranty, buy it with confidence. Plus, Free shipping for you if you’re from the UK Mainland.   

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Dumbbell-Only Complete Home Workout: 5 Exercises, 200 reps — Get, set, ready, go! 

With the zealous no-rest lower and upper body exercises, you’ll shunt the blood flow in your glutes, lower back, legs, shoulder, and upper body muscles. 

In short, all working muscles. 

So, what’s the benefit of that? 

You’ll burn a wad of calories for the next few hours. Plus, you’ll train your muscles for strength — and if you keep adding more weight to the plates gradually, you’ll get some decent muscle mass faster. 

Here’s the workout outline: 

  • Dumbbell Front Squat — 10 Reps 

  • How: Grab a pair of dumbbells and stand straight while feet shoulder-width apart. Put weights on the front of your shoulders. While breathing, bracing your core, and pushing your hips back — bend down in a squat stance until your legs are parallel to the ground. Now, drive backup using your heels. As you get back to the original stance, don’t forget to tense your glutes. 

    Don’t stop. Here’s what to do next...

    1. Dumbbell Shoulder Press — 10 Reps  

    How: Now, push weights above your head until your arms are locked. Your starting position will be: weights slightly over your head, while your arms would be slightly bent, and your palms would be facing upwards. Don’t drive power from your legs — keep control on the weights and your torso upright.

    Alright, now moving onto the next one...

  • Dumbbell Deadlift — 10 Reps

  • How: Feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, hold both weights with overhand grip, and extend them along your sides. Lower your torso while bending the hips, until it’s almost parallel to the ground. Keep your upper back and head straight. Now, squeeze your glutes, and drive back up by pushing your heel. 

    Woah, wait. Two more exercises until you rest… 

  • Renegade Row — 10 Reps
  • How: Lower down into the press-up position while holding a dumbbell in each hand. Now, lift your right hand weight to your rib cage and slowly bring it back to the ground. As soon it touches the ground, lift your right weight up and lift it to your ribs. 

    Do this while keeping your back straight and without twisting. 

    No rest yet. One last exercise below… 

  • Dumbbell Russian Twist — 10 Reps
  • How: You’ll do this with only one dumbbell. Sit down, extend legs above the floor while knees slightly bent, and hold the weight in front of your chest with both hands. Squeeze abs while you do that. Now, twist your torso and move the weight side-to-side. 

    Pro tip: Bring the movement from your core, not from your arms.

    Finally,  you can rest now. But, only 60 seconds. Then repeat the same 10-reps circle from exercise 1 — 5. With a total of four rounds, you’ll have your 200-rep dumbbell workout completed. 

    For dramatic gains, do this every day. 

    Enjoy the Pain Today, Win the Gains Tomorrow. 

    You create your body. 

    It’s never too late, 

    And it’s never too early. 

    We’re never ready. 

    Stop dreaming, and

    Start your impossible.

    Your moment starts today, 

    Right now. 

    Grab those bad boys, and 

    Sweat like a -----. 

    Share your gains with Gallant’s Adjustable Dumbbell Set by tagging us on Instagram. Share your story. We might feature you in our next brand films. 

    Until then, keep grinding!