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Gallant Heritage MMA Gloves Precision And Accuracy.
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Gallant Heritage MMA Gloves

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The Gallant Heritage MMA Glove made with the highest grade PU leather are perfect for both training in the gym and fighting in the ring. Featuring a double-closure system to provide easy access and a perfect fit,  high density foam and individually reinforced thumb and fingers - these MMA gloves offer you a wide range of protection each strike you make. 

  • HIGHEST GRADE PU LEATHER: These Heritage Series Grappling Gloves are comfortable, protective and versatile for an MMA fighter who wants it all.

  • INDIVIDUALLY REINFORCED: Thumbs and fingers are reinforced to offer superior protection and unrivally mobility. 

  • EVA FOAM AND GEL PADDING: Shock diffusion to protect wrists and hands. The padding material offers supreme defense against the nastiest of impacts and keeps your hands safe and protected.

  • ​​HOOK AND LOOP CLOSURE : Allows a customized fit. The boxing glove remains steadfast to your hands while you indulge in rigorous boxing sessions.
  • DOUBLE STITCHED: Strengthened seams for a long-lasting quality.

  • OPEN PALM DESIGN: improves grip and versatility. It also aerates hands effectively and makes them easy to wipe and clean. It further enhances grip and natural hold.

Product Specs:

  • Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large